10 amazing Google fonts you’ll be using in 2021

Google fonts
Image author: Maja Bjeletic — Google Fonts

When it comes to selecting fonts for your project, you most likely use Google Fonts, trying to find the best typography match. Some of the well-known fonts we already use/over use, but what if there are other cool fonts that might also be a good fit? Let’s take a look and see if there are any other fonts that deserve to be mentioned.

1. Space Grotesk

space grotesk Google font
Image author: Maja Bjeletic — Space Grotesk

This is my favorite Google font! It is a proportional sans-serif typeface variant based on Colophon Foundry’s fixed-width Space Mono family from 2016, originally designed by Florian Karsten in 2018. Space Grotesk works well with extended, display, grotesk, monospace typefaces. Personally, I like how it looks when combined with extended fonts like Krona One. I’ll definitely keep using you in my projects, Space Grotesk

2. Syne

Syne Google font
Syne Google font
Image author: Maja Bjeletic — Syne

When I was looking for alternative font for my project, I came across Syne. For me, it’s a true discovery! Syne was conceptualized by Bonjour Monde and designed by Lucas Descroix with the help of Arman Mohtadji. It comes in five different styles, and I’m not sure which one is the best. Okay — the extrabold is fantastic :) However, Syne Mono is listed as separate font, not my cup of tea because of it’s weird style (as if you traced some image). Nonetheless, using the Syne family can be a lot of fun, you should try it.

3. Krona One

Krona One Google font
Krona One Google font
Image author: Maja Bjeletic — Krona One

Only a few Google fonts appear semi-extended, including Krona One. Actually, Krona One is a semi-extended style sans serif, designed by Yvonne Schüttler. Because of its personality and readability, I mostly use it for titles but it also works well in smaller sizes. Unfortunately, Krona One is only available in regular style, so I’m hoping for at least one more.

4. Oi

Oi Google font
Oi Google font
Image author: Maja Bjeletic — Oi

If you like fat fonts, this is the font for you! I was surprised to see this lovely font on Google Fonts platform. Oi is an ultra-fat display typeface that has its roots in grotesque slab serifs. The typeface is a free spirited twisted interpetation of the clarendonesques, desiged by Kostas Bartsokas. You can read more about Oi, and also check it’s landing page.

5. Modak

Modak Google font
Modak Google font
Image author: Maja Bjeletic — Modak

I am a huge fan of a heavy typography. Modak is a free and open source, heavy-chubby Devanagari-Latin display typeface, designed by Ek Type. It appears to be very cute, and I believe it would be useful for designing children’s games’ UI or something similar. Anyway, you can view Modak’s presentation on Ek Type’s website.

6. Archivo Black

Archivo Black Google font
Archivo Black Google font
Image author: Maja Bjeletic — Archivo Black

Hey, grotesque font fans! Archivo Black is ready for you — grotesque, sans serif typeface family from Omnibus-Type, my personal Archivo favorite. The most intriguing aspect is that Archivo includes normal, black, and narrow styles, so you can enjoy them all. Archivo Black works well for titles, which is what I mostly use it for.

7. Lexend Family

Lexend Family Google font
Lexend Family Google font
Image author: Maja Bjeletic — Lexend Exa

Lexend is a collection of seven font families empirically shown to significantly improve reading-proficiency. You can choose wheither Lexend Deca, Zetta, Exa, Mega, Giga, Tera & Peta. There are so many good options! The Lexend Exa is my favorite because it has nice looking glyphs and works well with other Lexend fonts. Check it’s website for more details.

8. Fahkwang

Fahkwang Google font
Fahkwang Google font
Image author: Maja Bjeletic —Fahkwang

Fahkwang is a Thai and Latin san serif family which features a high contrast, designed by Cadson Demak. It has been inspired by headlines in old Thai newspapers. It appears elegant and sophisticated to me. The font comes in 12 different styles, allowing you to be creative with it. I’d also like to point out that the numbers look great too, and I particularly like the star moment. (*).

9. Inter

Inter Google font
Inter Google font
Image author: Maja Bjeletic —Inter

Inter is a lovely, variable 9-style font family that has been meticulously designed for computer screens. I’ve been using it for a while and it lives up to expectations — the layout created with Inter is very clean and easy to read, as the creator Rasmus Andersson intended. Check Rasmus Andersson posts on Medium.

10. IBM Plex Sans

IBM Plex Sans Google font
IBM Plex Sans Google font
Image author: Maja Bjeletic — IBM Plex Sans + Mono

IBM Plex™ is an international typeface family designed by Mike Abbink, IBM BX&D, in collaboration with Bold Monday. This font family offers four fonts available— Sans, Serif, Mono, and Sans CondensedIBM Plex Sans is my fav and it looks great when used for titles, especially combined with Mono.

To Recap

“Your choice of typeface is as imporant as what you do with it. “

— Bonnie Sielger

So, are you using some of the mentioned fonts? What is your experience?



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